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Ultimate Lad Pad accessories

Blokes all around the world dream of the ultimate bachelor pad. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to actually live on your own or with the lads, and you’re looking for a few key features to include in your lad pad, read on for our advice on some of the different things you might want to include.

La-Z-Boy Recliner

No bachelor pad is complete without a La-Z-Boy. These chairs help you kick back and relax so if you’re living in a lad pad, grab a couple of these, get yourself a console and have a few mates over. If you thrive on comfort, then La-Z-Boy is an absolute must.

Popcorn Machine

One of the best things about living in a bachelor pad is the flexibility it affords you. Want to work out? No one’s stopping you. Want to hang your washing in the living room? Why not? Want to have a load of mates over to watch a film on your Blu-Ray player? Go for it. Just make sure you invest in a popcorn machine. Grabbing yourself a popcorn machine is a cunning move as you can make the perfect snack to eat with a movie easily and hassle free.

Surround Sound

If you’re living in a bachelor pad this means you’re pretty much free to do whatever you like. So if you like watching movies or listening to music, you may as well do it properly. Acquiring surround sound will ensure you have a much better experience when you’re listening and watching.

Pool table

If you’ve got the space, have you thought about a pool table? Pool is one of the world’s best lad games, and you can have a many a good evening with a few cans, some good tunes on the stereo and a few games of pool.

A great fridge
You may have noticed that beer has been mentioned a good few times in this list already, but it’s crucial that you have a good way of keeping your beer cold. Grab yourself a nice big fridge to keep all of your cold ones in.


Adding an air of sophistication to your home with marble tile 

Earlier installing marble floor used to be an expenditure associated with the rich. Today, almost everyone can install marble flooring as it has become affordable. The marble flooring offers an elegance and luxury to the home. When it comes to installing marble around the fireplace, it enhances the ambiance of the room.

Utilizing marble tile for the fireplace is a simple process and less expensive choice for do-it-yourself project and homeowners. However, the project is easy but you need to handle marble carefully as it is lighter and more fragile stone.

Installing technique of marble tile

Put up a curtain on the floor, the place around the fireplace so that you can protect the floor from any falling dust or thinset accidents.

Place another curtain or drop cloth on the floor. Put down the marble tiles on the drop cloth to design a dry setup. A dry layout will let you decide the positioning of the marble tiles around the fireplace.  Marble tiles are set in with dark colored and lighter veins that you can arrange together in a design. This design will be pleasing to the eyes as well.

Hammer startled nails into the backer board with space evenly apart. Mark the backer board with a quality knife and snap off the extra so that it covers the fireplace accurately during your marble tile installation.

* Cover the fireplace and mantle with the painter’s tape. Design a back shelf for the first row of marble tile. Use a handsaw to cut the marble pieces of 1/3 lumber.
* Measure the fireplace properly so that you can easily insert the marble tile to its exact place. 
* Spread a wide layer of thin-set on the backer board to place marble tile. Use a level to check the tiles alignment for the perfection.
After you install the tiles, spread tile grout over the marble tile so that you can easily close openings between each piece of tile.

The marble tile floor for fireplace will be ready after two days of installation. However, if you find the entire project difficult, you can get help from tile installer. The expert will do the tile installation job properly and get your home a touch of elegance.

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