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Grilled Chicken Tikka Easy Recipe - Make your own at Home

Grilled Chicken Tikka Easy Recipe
The word ‘tikka’ is referring to the meaning of bits, pieces or chunks in India. Chicken Tikka is a simple to-cook dish in which chicken pieces are marinated in special spices and after that grilled on sticks. This is one of India's most well known dishes. Chicken Tikka can likewise be made into Chicken Tikka Masala, where the grilled chicken pieces are added to get the desire delicious test.

Customarily, chicken tikka is heated in a clay oven and the recipe is called tandoor, which makes this formula a boneless chicken rendition of the Indian dish tandoori chicken.

You need to take care that chicken are positioned in the yogurt and spice marinade overnight. Likewise, if utilizing wooden sticks, try to splash them for 10 minutes in water before threading the chicken. This process safe the wooden sticks from burning. Now indulge chicken tikka with warm naan.

Process of Making

Step 1: At fast blend the chopped coriander and keep it in beside for garnishing. Now put other marinade ingredient except yogurt into a food processor for creating smooth paste.
Step-2: Now pour the spice into a large bowl with yogurt and after that add the chicken pieces and mix well. Now cover the bowl and keep in cool and then refrigerate. Keep it to marinate through overnight.
Step-3: String the chicken onto sticks and keep prepared.

Step-4: Preheat your stove to medium-high (400 F/200 C).

Step-5: Now put the sticks on the grill or in your broiler with a plate underneath to get drippings. Broil open until the point when the chicken is browned on all sides and delicate, around 12 to 15 minutes.

Step-6: Expel from sticks and put the chicken on a plate.

Step-7: Put the onion rings in a different bowl and press lime squeeze over them. Sprinkle the chaat masala over and blend well so the onions are completely covered.

Step-8: Embellishment the Chicken Tikka with these onion rings and present with naan.

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