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12 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Outdoor Furniture

12 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Outdoor Furniture
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Do you have a beautiful outdoor furniture set that you’re not sure how to take care of? Classic outdoor furniture materials like wicker and wrought iron demand some basic cleaning to keep away dust and scratches. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to care of your outdoor furniture and keep it stylish and beautiful for a long time.

Use these 12 easy cleaning and maintenance tips to help your outdoor furniture stay shiny and like new for years to come.

Regularly Clean Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning outdoor furniture on regular basis is really important and it’s more susceptible to dust particles and stains. Be sure to schedule at least one cleaning day both at the beginning and end of the season, or twice a year if you live in more patio-friendly climates. For different furniture materials, you’ll need to use different techniques depending on your outdoor furniture’s finish.

• A vacuum nozzle attachment will also be good option for removing dust gently and quickly out of your outdoor furniture.
• The most effective solution is to mix 1/4 cup of environmentally friendly dish soap in liquid form with two cups of warm water. Use this combination and wipe your chair with a soft damp sponge or any other soft cloth, then rinse with water.
• If stains are tough then use a soft brush, preferably an old toothbrush, to easily reach all of the nooks and crannies without damaging a delicate finish.

Save Time with Pressure Washing

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean a sturdy set of outdoor furniture is to use a pressure washer. This type of cleaning saves time, but you must be careful that you don’t damage the material.
• If your furniture has a powder coating, don’t set the pressure too high—you don’t want the coating to flake.
• Consult any manufacturer warnings on your outdoor furniture before using this method.

Check Your Surfaces

Some outdoor furniture comes with decorative accents or glass tabletops. These features add more beauty to the furniture’s design but can be tricky to clean. Glass surfaces can take on a scratched or dirty appearance if not cleaned occasionally.
• Wipe your outdoor furniture glass tabletops with a soft damp sponge or cloth to remove dust and grime.
• Regularly check for mildew as well as mold on your outdoor furniture because these surfaces usually come in contact with food items or other organic materials. If you do find mold or mildew, mix 75% water in 25% vinegar and wipe the chair with a sponge dampened with this solution. Rinse with clear water.
• Replace outdoor cushions if they’re torn, stained, or mildewed. Be sure to find the right cushions for your set, or order a specially produced outdoor cushions that match your furniture’s measurements. Invest in mildew and stain resistant outdoor fabrics.

Repairing Outdoor Furniture 

If you do observe any damage to your outdoor furniture, take action to repair it as soon as possible. Damaged outdoor furniture left to the elements can quickly become more damaged. A small crack or tear can easily spread, and this can make your outdoor furniture unsafe or uncomfortable.
• Outdoor furniture is an investment; if you’re not handy, don’t attempt a home repair.
• Seek respected and highly rated outdoor furniture repair specialists in your area. Usually these repairs are minor if caught early, and won’t be too expensive.

Use Outdoor Furniture Covers

Make the habit of covering outdoor furniture with the appropriate furniture covers. This will keep it from inclement weather and keep it protected even if you put your furniture into storage.
• A good tip for finding the right furniture cover is to not measure too small. The material isn’t usually stretchy, as there might be a water resistant plastic lining.
• Allow a few inches for each dimension. For example, an outdoor sofa that is 80” wide, 36” deep, and 36” in height, you would want a cover that is 80-82” wide by 36-38” deep and 31-34” in height.

If you follow these easy tips, then you’ll find yourself enjoying your outdoor furniture set for much longer.