Thursday, October 16

Solar Hot Water System: What are its ‘Hard to Miss’ Benefits?

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Anyone with a fair amount of knowledge of hot water systems prices knows that solar hot water systems tend to cost more than their less environmentally friendly counterparts. However, their initial cost is nothing compared to their major benefits. For one, they will help you save money on monthly energy bills. This is especially true if your home has abundant access to sunshine.

A solar hot water system uses solar collectors, which can be evacuated tubes or flat plates, to absorb the sun’s energy so it can be used for heating. An insulated tank serves as the storage area for the heated water. If used properly, the system can provide up to 90% of all your home’s hot water needs.
If you are still not convinced that a solar water heater is perfect for your home, read on and find out more about its biggest advantages.

You will save more money in the long run. We all know that water heaters are one of the biggest energy users in an average home. And with the cost of electricity and gas continuously rising, it helps to know that you can cut costs by replacing your obsolete water heater with a simpler and more energy-efficient system. Since water heating accounts for 25% of energy bills in many households, the amount one can save by using a solar water heater can be very significant.

Your home’s market value will improve. Investing in technologies that make use of renewable energy is a proven way to increase the market value of your humble abode. Some studies that were done on house prices in the US have shown that up to 25 USD can be added to a home’s value for every dollar saved on the annual energy bill.

What’s more, the addition of photovoltaic technologies is a proven way to enhance your home’s energy rating. This not only makes it more energy efficient, but it can also increase the selling value of your home by almost 4%.

Some countries offer incentives and rebates for homes that utilize photovoltaic technology. One good example is Australia, one of many countries that aim to promote and accelerate investment in renewable energy technologies. In this country, territories and states have varying laws when it comes to feed-in tariffs or renewable energy payments. The local government policies, old hot water system and the solar-powered one that will replace it, are a few of the factors on which the rebates are based.

It delivers more quantities of hot water. Some electric water heating systems can only hold hot water for roughly 20 minutes of non-stop use. On the other hand, a solar water heater can store up to an entire day’s worth of hot water. While there is no sunshine at night to power up the system, you will still have plenty of water because of the hefty storage.

Here’s a bonus: water that’s delivered by a solar collector panel has the potential to be hotter than that of an electric heater. So you will have plenty of hotter water for your dishwasher and other needs.

It reduces your carbon footprint. Solar energy is a renewable source that’s practically limitless, clean, safe and free. These four notable qualities make it the perfect source of energy for many homes around the world. By using it to power your heating system, you can drastically cut down your home’s greenhouse emissions.

Needless to say, solar hot water systems are environmentally friendly. This is true even for systems that use gas or electric boosters to be effective at accommodating various hot water needs.
If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine, using photovoltaic technology is one of the most economic and environmentally friendly things you can do. Just make sure to choose a system that fits your home, and hire a reliable professional to install it correctly. Use it properly, and you will certainly save money on heating costs, improve your home’s value, and possibly avail of government renewable energy and solar panel rebates.

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