Thursday, March 7

Know about different types of drill bits

Steel is very durable and tough material. If you need to drill through a steel piece work, you need something that is harder than steel. Titanium, carbide, cobalt and diamond drill bits have such properties that make them more effective for cutting through steel.

Different types of drill bits that bore steel

1. Cobalt

Cobalt drill bits are one of the popular drill bits that cut through hard material like steel efficiently. Sometimes many manufacturers mix steel with cobalt to make it an efficient blade bit. These bits are tough and resistant to heat. Therefore, these bits are widely used for repeated drilling applications. The key function of these bits is to bore a stainless steel. However, they are even used to sharpen other objects when needed.

2. Alloys

When someone combines more than one metal to produce a new metal, alloy is created. Alloy drill bits perform just like tungsten carbide and or tungsten steel bits. These bits are efficient in drilling through metal like stainless steel. They are equipped to operate in hot circumstance under high speed. When tungsten is combined with steel, it creates sturdy, anti-corrosive, and heat resistant alloy.

3. Diamond

Diamond has a hardness value of 10. Therefore, it is the hardest material of all the materials. There are synthetic diamonds that contain the same hardness as natural diamonds. If you use diamond drill bits, you can be able to cut through any type of material. They are the hardest and strongest drill bits and can bore through any grade of steel. High quality steel bases are used to make diamond drill bits.

Apart from these drill bits for drilling operations, you can find out drill bits made of titanium. If you want to find out more options, you can use the website of priority plant. Check out the options and choose the best one for your needs.