Tuesday, December 18

18 Show-stopping ideas of Christmas tree decorations

Let’s face it! Everybody wants a unique and most beautiful Christmas tree in their house. And you’re not an exception. Christmas centerpieces can showcase the difference between an elegantly designed tree and a bizarre design tree. If you really want to impress the guests on Christmas day this year, I have brought to you the most gorgeous collection of Christmas tree design ideas that will get you so many wows and kudos.

1. Pot or Skirt?
As seen in the image below, you can make your tree wear a skirt or hide its roots in a pot or vase.

It looks different and pretty. The cloth skirt color can be chosen such that it complements the tint and the design of the tree.

2. Sweet Candies on the Tree!
If any child sees the image below, I am sure that water will run into his or her mouth. But you better let him or her know that the candies and baubles on the tree are artificial, not the real ones!

3. Stockings Tree
First collect colorful stockings and other hanging accessories for your Christmas tree and get set on your work!

4. Fisherman’s Tree
The reason I said it’s a fisherman’s tree is very clear from the ornaments on the tree. You can see different sea creatures, especially fishes, laden on the decorated Christmas tree as shown in the picture below.

5. Daddy... I want my basket on it!
If your little girl is shouting like this, you can make her happy without compromising on the look of the tree. Prepare a colorful basket with slim handles to hang on your tree. If the basket isn’t very delicate, you may put some candies inside.

6. Wooden Tree
The pipe-looking structure in the image below is entirely made of wood. The decorative items on the tree look striking.

7. Use the Office Supplies
Various things that are being used in the offices too can turn out to be a Christmas decoration ornaments. You can use file folders, key tags, paper-clips, graph paper, stickers and rubber band to design a tree as shown below.

8. It’s a Letter tree!
Can you see the alphabets on the tree? Yes, the ones in the red. You can create letters using paper or fiber and exhibit them on the tree in a beautiful way.

9. I Love Purple and Gold, and You?
If you too love the blend of purple and gold, have a look at the tree shown below. Glossy balls in purple and gold color give a magical touch to the tree. The design is easy to make and thus will consume very less time to be completed.

10. Cotton Tree
How about blanketing your Christmas tree with soft and white cotton? You can also try making small balls of cotton and hang them carefully on the tree, evenly from top to bottom.

11. Ruby Red and White
You can also pick any two colors in decorating your tree. The only thing you need to ensure is that the duo of colors you choose should complement each other well.  Ruby red balls and ribbons give a sparkling touch to the tree and white tassels brighten up the room!

12. Hearty Celebrations with Jingle Bells
Lush green Christmas tree when decorated with heart-shaped ornaments and jingle bell made from fiber symbolizes your festive spirit.

13. Go Designer Way
Professional designers often use tassels, pom-poms and snowflakes in adorning a Christmas tree. The seat of the tree is made of gravel and cloth. It gives a sophisticated look to the entire design. The gifts are wrapped with yarn.

14. Vintage Tree
A Christmas tree with fruits, seeds and grass create a vintage appeal! Use printed card stock to achieve these shapes.

15. Follow the Gardener style
Well-trimmed artificial Christmas tree with things being used in gardening every day!

16. Flocked Tree
If you want to give a winter look to your Christmas tree this year, flocked tree or frosted tree is the answer. You can use paper and metal pieces painted in silver, cream and white colors to exhibit a snowy look.

17. Pinecone Tree
A whole bunch of pine cones sprayed with silver paint covers the tree in an eye-catching way.


18. Tinsel Decoration
In Germany and Ukraine, tinsel is an inevitable part of Christmas tree decorations, regardless if you choose pre-decorated luxury artificial Christmas trees or real trees.

Use of garlands, wreaths and other off-the-shelf ornaments can make your design look more beautiful. If you want to prepare a small tree for your little princess, you can create birds, toys and stars using colorful paper. If you don’t have any idea in my mind, you may buy a pre-decorated Christmas tree online. Try something new and unique this Christmas!

About the Author: Henryka is an interior designer and love writing on the relevant topics like home d├ęcor, interior designs and styles, theme walls and so on. She loves decorating home and celebrating the festival with gifts and chocolates. Every year, she decorates her home with luxury artificial Christmas trees.