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Tips on designing a Spa Room

Spa Room Designing
There is not a distinct style surrounding which every spa room is designed. In fact, spa rooms are designed incorporating different styles, ideas and features. You can keep it simple and elegant or you can choose your spa room to be over-the-top glamorous. When you are decorating your spa room, you should keep in mind two important factors like aesthetic appeal and functionality. Put your best efforts to come up with unique ideas to make the most of natural air and light and open space. You can take help from the following tips for designing your spa room. Get the best Spa and Body massage in Sutherland based Spa & Salon.

1. At first, you should clear the space. Untidiness and bulky furniture items cannot help in producing the calming and comforting atmosphere of a spa room. Clean the surfaces well so that there is no dirt and grime left. You can clean the marble surfaces with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar.

2. Conduct research on the elements that help to create a tranquil atmosphere in a spa room. It highly depends on the theme you have chosen for designing your spa room. If you want to create a rustic mood, you can select exposed wooden ceiling beams and wall posts for that charm. In order to let natural light inside the spa room, you can opt for large picture windows or solar tubes. Tiles that are made of recycled glass can be used to produce a green effect.

3. When you are painting your spa room, you can choose neutral colors that are considered best for designing a spa. Pale blue and yellow, sage green and earthy tones; any of these colors can be perfect for painting the walls. Do you have exposed wood or stone walls in your spa room? Then, you can apply tinted varnish to them for providing protection against moisture. The tinted varnish does not cover the color and texture.

Spa Room Decorating

4. Take out time to select some functional pieces for furnishing your spa room. Waterfall style shower, Jacuzzi hot tub, steam shower, flat-screen television; these are some plush fixtures that may adorn your spa room apart from making it functional.

5. Jetted spa tubs are very popular. A corner unit with a deck is a common type but you can also choose a designer free-standing tub which creates a custom look.

6. Brighten up your spa room with unique and soothing spa light systems. You can choose among wall sconces, pendant lamps or aromatherapy candles. 

7. A spa room without proper spa-themed accessories is not an ideal spa room at all. Enhance the floor texture by placing a bamboo floor mat and choose good quality wash cloths and organic towels that are with high thread count. You can place towel warmers right next to the tub. Floating shelves look extremely beautiful. You can buy one for furnishing your spa room. Place the moisturizer, hair conditioner, aromatherapy oil and facial mask bottles on the floating shelf.

These are the tips that can be helpful in designing your spa room.

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