Thursday, August 16

Central Air Conditioner Reviews: Finding The Best Cooling Solution

These days, a lot of people are already suffering from the increasing temperatures of the weather. This has caused many people to experience dehydration and heat stroke. Nevertheless, there are certain things that people can do in order to help fight off extreme heat. One of these is to use central air conditioners to keep homes cool and comfy. Unfortunately, not all people are able to fit in centralized a/c in their budget.

To help people know the benefits of using central air conditioners and the factors to consider in choosing one, here is a quick review about the different air conditioning systems.

Knowing the Cost
When it comes to buying centralized units of a/c, the price is usually one of the factors being considered by people. Aside from the expensive cost of the unit, which is around $1,000, installing and maintaining air conditioners are also very expensive. The installation of large a/c inside the house would always require extensive duct work. Because of this, homeowners would have to pay extra charges on the labor.

Aside from the labor, maintaining the a/c is also very costly. Using central a/c can add approximately a hundred dollars on the electric bill. In addition to this, a/c users must also prepare extra money for repairs if ever the air conditioning unit fails to perform.

Relying on Great Performance
Of all the cooling systems available in the market, central air conditioners are considered to be the most efficient and best overall. With the use of enough ducts, central air technology can help provide enough cool air to reduce the amount of heat in any type of home. Aside from eliminating humidity, central air conditioners are also very effective in keeping the air clean. Air conditioners with filtration systems can help remove dusts and molds in the atmosphere, which is very beneficial to people who are sensitive to mold and dust. Dust and molds that are allowed to accumulate can cause a multitude of health conditions that vary from runny nose to more serious respiratory issues such as asthma.

The Best Alternative for Central A/C
If the cost of the central a/c cannot fit the tight budget, homeowners can always go with window units, also known as "swamp coolers." The term swamp cooler is believed to have been coined due to the smell of algae earlier units produced. But newer units are not known to cause any disagreeable odor.  Window units are not as costly as centralized air conditioners and their installation method is also a lot simpler. Simple place the unit in an open window and plug it in. Nevertheless, window units are not as effective in cooling the entire house compared to centralize air conditioners. Usually, these window units are only used to reduce temperature in small rooms. Aside from this, most window air conditioners do not have built-in filtration systems. This is the reason why they are not effective in removing allergens in the air.

Aside from window a/c, electric fans can also be used to help circulate air inside a room. Although it is not capable of cooling the entire house, it can be used with several window units of a/c to circulate cool air and help reduce heat. These are just some of the things that can be used to stay cool amidst the increasing temperature of the weather. Prolonged heat exposure must always be avoided to effectively reduce health risks. With the use of the central air conditioning system, homes can become more comfortable to stay in.

About the Author: Brandy works with FH Furr - an HVAC Alexandia VA specialist. She enjoys writing about home building and maintenance.