Tuesday, July 24

Visiting and Inspecting a Camper Van before you hire

How do you know whether a particular camper van is suitable for your trip? When you are planning a trip in the woodlands and looking for a camper van, you need to ensure that it is the appropriate one for your purpose. Here are a few points that could be of help in your search for the right camper van.

After you have found a few agencies for VW camper van hire, the first thing you need to do is call them to ask about the available vehicles. They would be able to provide you with the details of the make and model of the camper van. Enquire about the age of the van and the regularity of maintenance.

Different vans may have different features. In most cases, the vans are fitted with standard features like bedding, gas stove and grill, cool box, lights, and radio. The agencies also supply cooking utensils, towels, cutlery and crockery and such other essentials. However, it is better to ask about every thing that comes with the van to avoid problems later.

If necessary, you may also visit the agency and check out the camper van before booking it. You need to find out about the working hours of the agency for this. Fixing an appointment with the agency beforehand ensures that someone would be there to show you the camper van when you go for an assessment.

If your plan involves going camping immediately after you reach Hampshire, it may not be possible to check out the camper van before booking it. What do you do in such a situation? In such a circumstance, you have to depend on the details available from the website of the agency offering VW camper hire in Hampshire.

If the camper van hire agency has a website of their own, you may be able to find details of the vehicles from this. Check whether they provide every detail regarding make, model, age, features, and additional supplies of the camper van. It may also be possible to have a look at the pictures of the camper vans from their website.